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watercolor of pregnant yogi
Yoga at Rosemont Wellness
$48.00 or do drop-in

4 hours over 4 classes:

Mar 10th – Mar 31
Join me for a 4-week series of prenatal yoga.
Each session may include:
> asana (active and restorative)
> pranayama, meditation or mudras
> pelvic floor awareness
> labor prep techniques
This series is appropriate for any trimester



Burn. Balance. Blossom.

with Kelley Voegelin + Margo Rosingana

Rescheduled for April 18th, 2020 {{possibly virtual}}

11am – 1pm

As we seek to understand ourselves in relationship to the world around us, we honor the energies within our bodies & the energies outside of ourselves.  The Spring Equinox marks the balance of light and dark, with the emergence of ever increasing warmth & radiance.  This special class will combine gentle yoga with restorative poses to create a sense of  symmetry in the subtle body.  Through this balanced practice, we will  burn off any accumulated stagnation in order to clear the way for the energy of spring to blossom within.

This practice will incorporate visualization & writing.  Please bring your journal & pen.

Ritual Art of Wellness
2 Scott Dyer Rd. |  Cape Elizabeth

Investment: $30
Limited to 10 participants.

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