With much gratitude & humility, I acknowledge the teachers who have come before me & walk beside me. Yoga is not mine — what I pass on, I did not make up. I am not an expert.

Yoga is 5,000 years old & born of a culture that is not my own. It has a history & a lineage. I will try to respectfully & gratefully honor these roots.

Yoga is an all encompassing spiritual practice — it is not limited to a series of physical postures strung together in a 60 minute time frame on a 24 x 72″ piece of rubber. I am not blind to the imbalances of the Yoga industrial complex in our western world. May I continue to lift the veil of ignorance in this journey of awareness & transformation.

Thank you for being here with me as we navigate the best ways in which we can integrate aspects of this ancient & sacred practice into our modern lives.

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