On-Demand sessions

On-Demand sessions are now available.

Who are these for?
Anyone. Anyone who can’t make it to my “live stream” sessions. Or, even if you can & do, anyone who wants to be able to practice anytime, anywhere, at your own leisure.

How does this work?
Support me as a monthly subscriber through Patreon.

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a member based platform that makes it easy for artists, creators, teachers, etc. to get paid directly through your support.

What do you get?
When you be become a patron you will get access to a library of on-demand offerings. Specifically:

  • You’ll receive 2 vinyasa style movement offerings a month — one on the full moon & one on the new moon.
  • And, on every quarter moon, you’ll receive access to an illustration (done by yours truly…cuz, ya know… ART!) accompanied by a little bit of learning.
  • Every now & then a short Yin sequence.

How do you support me?
Become a Patron here.
It’s $16 a month. Pretty sweet exchange I’d say …

Become a patron.