On-Demand sessions

Practice anytime, anywhere.

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a member based platform that makes it easy for artists, creators, teachers, etc. to get paid directly through your support.

What do you get?
When you become a Patron you will get access to a growing library of on-demand offerings. More detailed descriptions are on my Patreon Page.

All tiers get: 2 vinyasa classes (one flow & one gentle), 2 yin classes, art, meditations, access to the library. Dropping with the new, full & quarter moons of each month. Tiers are priced in a sliding scale format.

1. New Moon $9
2. Full Moon $16
3. Blue Moon $30
4. Super Moon $50

Sliding scale makes the yoga more accessible &
Those paying at the higher levels will make it possible for others to pay the lower levels.

Become a patron.