Tired eyes?

Happy Spring. A time to spot sweet green buds on the trees & shooting up through the muddy earth. A time to expand, plant fresh intentions, & cleanse from that which we gathered within ourselves over the quiet & internal winter months. A time to detoxify from the over abundance of advertisements & media we face each day. A time to nourish & balance the liver & the gallbladder. If you find your hips, shoulders, legs, neck or eyes to be tired or tight around this time of year, you are not alone. The liver & gallbladder meridians that run through your bodies travel through these areas & begin & end in the eyes. Not only will certain asana that target these areas help to restore your organs to balance & release congestion, but simply resting your eyes can have a very restorative impact on your mind, energy, & day.
Try a visual cleanse. Look at your phone or computer less. Opt out of watching TV at night. Instead of reading the ads on the subway, close your eyes. Go for a walk in the park
& gaze upon the green grass.
My favorite exercise is simple but effective & very nourishing:
Rub your palms together to create warmth in the hands & place the base of your hand to cup the top of your cheek bone, the center of your palm to cover your eyes, & your finger tips to rest gently over your forehead & along your hairline. Allow for your hands to simple provide warmth & a sense of holding your eyes & forehead in darkness to block out visual or mental distraction. Let go of all that you see or think about throughout your day & simply take a sweet retreat to rest & restore. Just a few moments of this practice will feel wonderful.
You could also rest in Goddess Pose with an eye pillow over your eyes & forehead,
as pictured below 🙂 Enjoy.


sbk green

Art by Kelley Voegelin copyright 2016 all rights reserved.