A Useful Mudra for Intention Setting

I have become very inspired by the practice of mudras. A mudra is a gesture or position of the body, eyes, or hands. It is a seal or a symbol that depicts a certain state of being or consciousness, or that leads one into that specific state. I specifically practice mudras of the hands. By placing our fingers & hands into certain gentle positions, we can engage & influence our bodies & minds. Mudras can be done with deep breathing, as a meditation to invite in or let go of something in our lives, or to simply activate a certain organ or place in our bodies that needs extra care.

One of my favorite & most effective mudras is called Kubera Mudra, which is dedicated to the god of wealth. With each hand, place the tips of the thumb, index & middle fingers together. The ring & pinky fingers tuck into the middle of the hand. Your three most powerful fingers are now joining forces. This mudra can be used when you are looking for something very specific… information, a new place to live, a destination. Kubera Mudra also gives inner tranquility, confidence, & serenity. It is done to put force behind future plans. What goals do you want to reach & what wishes do you want to fulfill? What intentions will you set for the new year?
The practice is easy. In your mind, create a positive & present tense sentence that formulates your future goal or wish. Really visualize it in all of it’s colors & shapes & feel it in your heart as if it were truly already a reality. Then, place your hands into the mudra & repeat this sentence to yourself three times. Be very specific, concise, & genuine while practicing this.
It matters not how long you do this mudra, but the genuine effort & intensity that you put into it. You don’t have to sit with it for a half an hour chanting your sentence 108 times. You can do it twice a day over the course of a week or two. Again, the key is the clarity & intensity you put into the practice. This is a powerful mudra & I’m telling you it works.