Musings on prenatal yoga.

For me, excellent yoga instruction = dedication + preparation. I apply it consistently — particularly to my prenatal classes, which hold much space in my heart. These women deserve a safe & sacred practice.

As excellent instructors, we can’t get away with: “umm, you can do everything… just don’t do any deep twists.” That’s not enough — there’s much more to it.

My first YTT scratched the surface of prenatal yoga — I was hooked & knew I must study further. I did so with a prenatal YTT. It was incredibly special.

Many ask how I show up to this role without having experienced pregnancy & birth myself. Hmm. My answer — dedication, preparation, passion, humility.

My prenatal students are amazing & I constantly learn from them. They commit to their practice & I uphold my commitment to them.

I can’t show up for them in an ordinary way because… pregnancy/childbirth is not ordinary — it’s crazy & fascinating; because… I don’t want to be an ordinary teacher — yoga is my calling. So, I show up with an arsenal of dedication, preparation & passion for how we can move, breathe, hold shapes & space, find mind-body-spirit connection — find yoga.

What calls you to show up?

Are you ready to offer her a safe & sacred practice?

Are you ready to support & guide a room full of varying degrees of trimesters & needs?

Mindful Matriarch YTT approaches prenatal yoga in a grounded & accessible way — learn modifications & best variations; prenatal sequencing; ways to support & inspire your students… & so much more.

My wish is for us to embody excellence & for those who take our classes to be nurtured & supported with our guidance. Let’s raise the bar for what we offer the birthing women of our communities.