September offers sweet symmetry

September offers sweet symmetry to life around us — the Autumnal Equinox on the 21st brings a brief balance of . . . day / night, light / dark, activity / rest.

While riding this seasonal pendulum in it’s swing to the other side, we might hover in the balance that surrounds these next few days.

Here are some ways you might honor this . . .
> Try breathing in a 1:1 ratio — your inhale matches the length of your exhale. This is known as Sama-Vritti in yoga breathing techniques. (Sama = even, same. Vritti = fluctuation.) Do this for a few rounds of breath.

> Compliment the movement practices that invigorate you with those that are slower & more meditative. Meaning… Yes, go to your Vinyasa class or for a run but then go to a Yin or Restorative class the next day.

> Within the busyness of your days, take a pause to see the plentitude & abundance that already surrounds you.

Once the pendulum swings toward shorter days you might consider how to harvest all that abundance…

Look around — nature offers an inspirational design.

The squirrels are squirreling. The bees swarm around the last blooms of garden flowers collecting as much pollen as they can. We, too, do this — we harvest the fields, orchards & gardens. Guess it’s time to pluck those ripe tomatoes from the vine before the trees put on their spectacular performance of show & release.

To gather what’s needed & let go of the rest is a balancing act, too.

The warmer days will soon be behind us & frosty mornings lie ahead. In the meantime, below is my bouquet of offerings for this Fall.

Big love, Kelley


Prenatal Yoga offerings

> Tuesday’s @ 9:30am @ Rosemont Wellness Center

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Mudra & Restorative Workshop

Oct. 25th 6-7:30 @ Rosemont Wellness

In this workshop, the use of supportive props & long, quiet holds will support this need to ground, slow down & simplify. A guided mudra & meditation specifically associated with Autumn will be offered to intentionally bring balance to the mind & body.

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