Winter Solstice Practice

From the darkness . . . 

A winter solstice practice

Gentle Flow + Restorative Yoga + Live Music
With Margo Rosingana + Kelley Voegelin + Matt Wasowski

Honor and emulate the ancient ritual of celebrating the darkest day of the year by exploring the richness of your inner body.  Winter gives us full permission to embrace the darkness because the solstice provides hope and faith that the warmth and light always return. Darkness presents the opportunity to explore deeply within our bodies, hearts and minds. In our winter hibernation, we can sit quietly, turning our awareness inward, learning and revealing what we might shed to make space for new beginnings in the light of the new year ahead.
This practice is open to all levels — it will include gentle asana and restorative yoga.
Saturday,December 21st
864 Broadway SoPo Maine