An Autumn Yoga Pose
Garudasana = Eagle Pose
This pose targets the Lungs (yin) & Large Intestines (yang). The meridians of these two Fall paired organs run through the inner & outer arms. In Garudasana we take a deep bind of the arms & legs, while maintaining a strong rooted balance of the standing foot. Opt to fold your torso forward & place a squeezing pressure on the Large Intestines themselves. The binding & compression creates a stoppage of energetic flow for a few moments but upon release, you flush your meridians & organs themselves with fresh energy & oxygenated blood, stimulating cleanse & rejuvenation. This pose requires great focus & stability. Qualities needed during those windy Autumn days.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training at Breathing Room Saturday April 8th 2-6pm with Kelley Voegelin In this segment of the Breathing Room’s 200hr teacher training, we will cover important background information about the prenatal body, the process of childbirth & how … Continue reading

Breathing Room Mentorship Program

Are you a yoga teacher who is in search of some extra guidance to evolve your practice & offerings? The Breathing Room Mentorship Program with Lily Dougher, Margo Rosignana, & myself can provide you the community & the support to do so.

This is a chance to build confidence in your teaching & in your knowledge of the yoga industry. This is an opportunity to find your voice as a teacher & your unique path. Take that step forward to deepen, fine tune & hone your teaching skills. We will focus on your growth as a teacher working one-on-one to individually customize this experience to the mentee’s particular needs.

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Tired eyes?

Happy Spring. A time to spot sweet green buds on the trees & shooting up through the muddy earth. A time to expand, plant fresh intentions, & cleanse from that which we gathered within ourselves over the quiet & internal … Continue reading